Locating and repairing a leaking or burst water pipe requires a high level of experience and the correct tools for the job to keep the process simple and fast. We make sure our technicians are trained and equipped to keep the cost of your repair to a minimum.

We use pipe tracing locators, sound amplification devices and gas pressure testing equipment to ensure we always find fast and accurate solutions for all broken pipes.


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  • Increased water bill? This is a very common report that our customers call about which usually indicates a leaking pipe or sometimes a leaking tap or toilet can cause this too.
  • Water seepage, or pooling in your yard? If you have more water than normal ponding somewhere around your yard this is a common sign of an underground leak.
  • An Easy Test You Can Do Yourself! Before you pay for a plumber try this first. Take a photo of your water meter before you leave home in the morning and again as soon as you arrive back home a few hours later. If the meter reading has moved during the day then you have an unwanted leak somewhere so give us a call and we will find and fix it fast.
  • Our Hot Tip Fix a leak before it gets worse, we’ve seen too many major jobs that could have been minor if fast attention was given when our customers first noticed an issue.
  • Need more help? Give us a call, we are always happy to help over the phone or onsite.


  • Have You Replaced Flexible Hoses Lately? Burst flexible hoses are the most common leak we get called out for and also cause the most damage to the homes we work in.
  • Whats the Risk? When a hose is left unchanged for longer than the manufacturers guidelines you run a very high risk for a very big problem
  • When should you replace your hoses? We strongly urge all our customers to replace their hoses every 5 years but if you want to be extra confident, every 2 years brings a greater level of security.
  • Can you do this yourself? Like anything around the home you can probably attempt to change these yourself but please be aware that an insurance company may reject a claim if you don’t have a licensed plumbers invoice showing you got the job done right. Plus our insurance fully covers our workmanship on all jobs keeping your home safe.
  • Is it a hard job? These are easy to change but equally easy to get wrong. A small twist in the hose or overtightened hose can cause more problems than you’re trying to avoid.
  • Our Top Tip! Leave it to a professional – This is always going to be the safest solution and our best advice. Why try to save a dollar that might accidentally cost you $1000’s if something goes wrong.


Brown or Rusty Water? There are two main causes for brown water. Your water heater may be rusting inside or your galvanised pipes underground might be badly corroded inside.

A very common issue in older homes is brown, rusty water or bad pressure loss due to old, galvanised water pipes. In most cases the best option is to completely remove the old pipes and replace with new copper or plastic pipelines.

The old pipes often actually appear to be in good condition above ground however typically rust attacks the pipes very aggressively below ground.

The other common problem is a massive build-up of rust inside the pipes which blocks the pressure by restricting the flow, often to less than half the original pressure.

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